Visual Identity for Away Travel

Away Travel – unique tours by Alexander Besklubenko, filled with charm and wild adventures. While working with Alex, our main task was to convey all those emotions that reflect the brand. To fully immerse ourselves in the project, we took tickets and went on a journey to Tanzania.
We developed a logo and identity for Away Travel. The main idea of the logo is the path that each tour participant takes, the path within themselves. We based our design on the clients' worldview and their ideas about the tour: mountains, the spirit of travel, adventures, freedom, and ascent. The road leading to the goal.

The logo's detailing is a road that winds through forests and mountains. The logo contains an eagle – a free and freedom-loving bird, an observer, a guide during the journey. A symbol of safety and security, conveying the idea that you are in safe hands throughout the journey.
The color palette is based on natural shades. We chose shades of blue and brown, where blue symbolizes freedom and speaks of the ease of the path, and brown reflects the value and loyalty of the brand.

As the main font, we chose the minimalistic Futura PT Heavy.
Tim Cahill

«A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles»
Henry Miller
«One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things»
We displayed the logo on the brand's main carriers – tents, backpacks, thermoses, and other attributes. All these items perfectly complement the overall style of the brand and allow tour participants to feel like part of one big family.
"No matter what story you're telling, the key is to make your customer a hero"
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