Visual Identity for Franchie restaurant

In April 2022, a client approached us with the idea of opening a French cuisine restaurant with a modern interpretation in the center of Riga. The idea was presented in written form on paper. We were tasked with developing a complete brand identity package, including a logo, name, landing page, and marketing strategy.

We proposed the following color palette – red, gold, and black, where each color separately and their combinations symbolize chic, sophistication and elegance, as well as reflecting France, love, and passion. For contrast, we chose a pastel shade – beige. We selected three fonts - using Cormorant Garamond and Mulish Regular as the basis, adding accents with Harista.

The FRANCHIE logo is concise, stylish, and catchy. "Franchie" in white on a red background – we played with accents and contrast.
After analyzing modern French cuisine restaurants in Europe and existing restaurants in the Latvian market, together with interior designer Gleb Protko, we found references, and then Gleb developed a unique interior design for Franchie. The location of the restaurant was chosen in MILLA kvartāls, in the center of Riga, as the place is popular and has high foot traffic.
The grand opening of Franchie restaurant took place in the summer of 2022. For the opening, the terrace was prepared, the staff were trained, and the service was fine-tuned. We held a photo and video shooting for content, developed the idea of social media style. The restaurant continues to successfully operate and develop.
The brand chef of the restaurant, Kirill Komarov, strives for perfection not only in the taste of dishes, but also in the aesthetic way of serving them.

Little Paris in the center of the beloved city
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