Social Media for the restaurant O'sole Mio

Neapolitan pizzeria O'Sole Mio opened in Riga in June 2022. The uniqueness of this restaurant lies in the professionalism of its pizza chef. Originally from Naples, Alcide has been making classic Neapolitan pizza for more than 25 years.

Our challenge was to define O'Sole Mio as the best Neapolitan pizzeria in town. Despite the intense competition on the market, we accepted the challenge. Our first step was to actively work on positioning the brand on social networks. We tried to create a cosy and family atmosphere where every guest would feel like part of a big Italian family.
We developed the promotion strategy, social media style, planned advertising campaigns and integrations to attract the target audience, and carried out several successful content filming sessions.

In addition, we created a landing page, added convenient features designed to maximise conversions, added a booking system and implemented successful contextual advertising on the Google Ads platform.
We continue to work actively on the O'Sole Mio project, keeping abreast of current trends in the marketing world. By investing energy, soul and love in this project, we are receiving very warm feedback from a growing community of pizza lovers. Our plans for 2023 are to open another pizzeria and strengthen our position in the local market.
"No matter what story you're telling, the key is to make your customer a hero"
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