Social Media for Bigbank

Our main task in working with BIGBANK was to create an updated identity on social media based on the company's previously developed brand book. We needed to do preparatory work – to analyze the target audience and the existing competitive environment.
We developed a content plan based on relevant topics, touched on the main trigger points, emphasizing them in the developed identity. We wanted to emphasize that the bank is an integral part of the social life of our target audience. Based on the fact that the main services of the bank are lending and financing, we set a goal to change the attitude of the audience towards these services.
In the process of developing the social media style, we did the following work – developed a content plan, daily content based on attractive storytelling, relevant topics, and animation. We aimed to tell about BIGBANK's services in an interesting and informative way, focusing customers' attention on the main values of the bank.
"No matter what story you're telling, the key is to make your customer a hero"
Let's make waves
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