Visual Identity for Lazarus company

Lazarus is a Latvian logistics company that specializes in cargo transportation. The company has successfully positioned itself on the global market for more than ten years. Due to rapid growth and development, the management decided to create a unified and recognizable corporate style and therefore approached us.

Our goal was to develop an identity for Lazarus that would reflect its values and characteristics, as well as provide a unified visual image of the company at all levels and contribute to its recognition in the international market
Before getting started, our team conducted research and analysis within the company to understand what kind of visual concept would fit the company's goals and values. Analysis of competitors and world leaders in the logistics industry, helped us determine the general trends in corporate design.

Based on this information we created a concept of corporate style - we designed a logo, chose a color palette, typography and other design elements. It was decided to use a modern and minimalistic style to reflect the professionalism and innovation of the company in the logistics industry.
When choosing the color palette we were guided by the fact that Lazarus provides shipping services and, colors should be universal and recognizable in different cultures. The logo colors - dark blue and white - symbolize stability and reliability. And the shade of red-orange perfectly complements the perception with accents
The main task in creating the logo was to reflect the core values of the company - movement and speed, the desire for success and confidence. The minimalist and modern logo consists of stylized geometric shapes and the company name "Lazarus" written using a sans serif font.
For ease of use, we developed a site - a multi-page landing page, which is based on previously made semantic kernel and keywords.
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