Social Media for the restaurant Gaļa un Maize

Gaļa un Maize or Meat with Bread (translated from Latvian) is an unusual pop-up kebab restaurant in the style of proper fast food. The main difference of this place is that all products are a farm story, where each component of the kebab is carefully grown and selected. Bold recipes, cool serving, and the kebab itself, cooked on coals – the main and non-trivial value of this place.
The guys came to us with a cool idea and a desire to launch a new pop-up style place. Our main task was to analyze the competitive market environment and think through the positioning of this place with a subsequent promotion strategy.
We managed a content session to create an identity for this place, thought out the social media style, created bold creatives for advertising campaigns, and launched influencer marketing. Youth styles such as street style and hip-hop were used as a basis.

We identified that our target audience is young, hot people who value style and freedom, and who will definitely support the idea of cool and informal fast food.
"No matter what story you're telling, the key is to make your customer a hero"
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